What we do!

We are a Registered Charity no. 512966 rescuing and re-homing the cats of Sandbach and surrounding areas.

The rescue is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and relies totally on fundraising and donations to survive.

We aim to re-home cats permanently and we foster many temporarily. In some cases, we provide continuing support to cats with special needs to allow them and their owners to live as happily as possible. As a charity, our supporters and volunteers are essential to our existence

This is Jaffa

After a precarious start in life, Jaffa is now thriving, and

has a safe and happy home

Over the previous months the Rescue has undergone a major refurbishment and upgrade. The vision was to make it a premier purpose-built cat rescue and rehoming centre, serving Sandbach and the surrounding areas and we are well on the way to achieving this. We still have a long journey ahead of us though as we have a series of further improvements and upgrades planned.

Who wants to be a cat rescuer?

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