Mr Tux


Here we have  Mr Tux. He was unwanted by his owners, and was being fed by various kind people he visited.

Quite a big cat, he is however a lovely boy who also loves a head scratch.

Mr Tux is FIV positive this is a virus specific to cats and cannot be transmitted to other animals or humans .

This does mean though that Mr Tux will have to be rehomed as a housecat, (which means indoor only)  and the only cat in the 


Some information on FIV positive cats.

FIV is most commonly seen in unneutered male cats who have been involved in fighting for territory. It is spread by biting and body fluids and does not spread in the environment. 

Although FIV isn't easily transmitted between cats (only through deep bites and not via sharing food and other normal interaction), the risk means that a FIV positive cat should be adopted into a single cat household only. As FIV can't be transmitted to humans or other non-feline animals, an FIV positive cat is able to share his or her environment with a dog or other pet, as long as there are no other cats.

FIV cats can enjoy a happy life and can make wonderful companions. However, we'll only rehome FIV cats  as indoor-only cats.  

To prevent the disease from spreading, the FIV cat must be the only cat in the household, so if you would like to have a one cat home, a FIV cat might suit you.