We are so glad that we have been able to re-home so many cats over the years, we have truly fallen in love with all of them because of their amazing personalities. We're so pleased that they have found loving homes.  If you adopted a cat from us, please send us a photo so they can be featured on this page. 

As you know, SARS is completely volunteer run - there are no paid members of staff.  We are so lucky to have dedicated animal lovers who work at the rescue and behind the scenes on management, admin, finance, promotion, events and even photography. 

If you want to support our rescue, please make a donation, no matter how small as every penny  helps! 

Our Rehomed Cats


This is Della she arrived at the rescue when she was 14 years old and was adopted in 2019 by Mo and Terry


Thanks to Angela (Mo and Terry’s daughter) for the description

Della is 15 now. Very argumentative. Loves to sleep on the banister or the stairs then jumps on Mums back for a ride up. We got her last year from SARS after we lost our family dog. We were aware of her story and why she was in the rescue and knew we had to have her. She loves to sit on any available lap, especially my Dads carers when they are writing in the care folder. She loves to have a good scratch on her scratching board after her meals and will come whenever she hears a shaken Dreamies packet!

This is Zebedee 

Andrea is one of our amazing carers at the rescue, having a private moment with Zebedee. Zeb was brought in to us after a long time of neglect.  He was in a very poor condition, with a nasty flea allergy and ingrained dirt, which had left him with red raw, sore and bleeding skin.  The vet had to shave off most of his fur, leaving just a pom-pom of floooof at the end of his tail, very comical, but heart breaking at the same time.

 Please help us by donating a brick or two, to help us, help more chappies like Zeb. 

These are a few of our past residents, who have all found new loving homes

Credit to Anais Benadie for the excellent photo's

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Percy and Maisie adopted 16 months ago. They would be lost without each other and their human would also be lost without them


Misty was adopted nearly eight years ago. She’s now 15 and sleeps a lot but loves to be in the garden with her humans in the nice weather


Adopted Tink and her sister 11 years ago, as 8 week old kittens. Sadly, Nahla, is no longer with us but this old lady is going strong!

Luna & Aurora

Luna & Aurora are two sisters who are still inseparable


Sadly Maggie (now Sesame) was a victim of COVID-19 but now has new loving home


Milo celebrating his 1st birthday in a new bow tie


Dexter was adopted January 2018 and still happy as ever


Mylo is 8yrs old now, she's has recently been diagnosed with pancreatitis so she has her ups and downs and is still a little terror


Turtle sleeping contently in his adopted home