Dave had been wandering around with the most terrible injury, which we think was initially an abscess, but had turned into something absolutely horrific.

He was taken to the vets by a very kind member of the public, and has now started on a treatment plan, which will hopefully help to restore his health. He was also neutered at the same time and has tested negative for FIV / FeLV.

Dave is presumably a stray, or had been abandoned, he has no microchip, was unneutered and had been suffering with this awful injury for a number of weeks, without anyone to help or care for him .

He is now in the care of Sandbach animal rescue and our wonderful volunteers, who will nurse him back to health 

This is going to be a long road back to full recovery with various different medications needed and many more trips back to the vets.

Sandbach animal rescue will be funding Dave’s ongoing veterinary treatment

As you are aware, nearly all our funding streams have dried up due to COVID 19, and we are not currently able to raise any money from our usual fundraising opportunities.

Our volunteers will nurse him back to health, rehabilitate, and then rehome him when the time is right BUT we desperately need your help and support to do this

If you can spare anything to directly help this poor cat we would be extremely grateful

Update on Dave

Dave is continuing to improve daily, his wound is now much less inflamed around the edges and most of the swelling around his eye has subsided allowing it to open. He is still requiring ongoing veterinary appointments and a range of medication to help him heal.

 Dave is a friendly cat who likes strokes and head rubs he also looks forward to and enjoys his food. For a treat, in common with lots of cats, Dave is very partial to Dreamies. He is also gaining in confidence and starting to explore the rescue

Dave continues to make good progress, his wound has all but healed, he is no longer in the isolation room and is now residing in the main part of the rescue. Dave has turned out to be a playful, happy and confident cat who thrives on the attention and care he receives from all the volunteers. However, as one part of his treatment ends another chapter is about to begin. Dave will soon be having surgery to release the tension on his left eye caused by the tightening of the healed scar tissue. All of Dave’s treatment has been funded by Sandbach Animal Rescue, and helped by the kind donations of our loyal supporters.

Latest  Dave bulletin.

 Dave is doing great, and as you can see from the front shot, his eye is much improved following his op. The facial skin is very tight, with very little give, Dave's vet (and plastic surgeon) Nick is confident that as the face continues to heal, the skin will gradually soften and stretch further, but feels Dave is likely to need one more op to further correct his eye. Dave had a Loxicom & Antibiotic injection and his rehab  also includes boiled ham, cat treats and lots of attention from our volunteers all of which he loves. 

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