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Week 4- A Roof & We're Out!


Roof trusses up, perlings going in, tiles ordered and making good progress. We're having a few problems with lead times on some materials, but we're finding ways to work around. With the roof on, it's time to knock the wall for our new enrichment area and shiny new state of the art pens. Therefore all the cats that are in our care are being moved to another cattery where our amazing volunteers will continue to care for them or they’re going into foster care.


However, as soon as we say we are closing the doors the place goes mad. A pregnant cat called Jessica was taken in and is with one of our fosterers. A feral mum and 3 kittens were caught in Haslington and bought in. Just as we were leaving a lady turned up with a stray black cat that’s been wandering in Alsager for a few weeks who we were very pleased to be able to reunite with his owners.

Even though we were closing and moving out, we couldn't say no and we're more than happy to help. This is what we are here for! Make sure you come back next week to see how many kittens Jessica had. 

Week 2 & 3- Let There Be Walls!


A lot of progress has been made on the extension over the last two weeks. We now have walls and the scaffolding is now up! The area is officially a hard hat zone and the builders are doing an incredible job. 

Zeberdee, who is at the rescue, is still more interested in the treat draw than the new enrichment area that he will be enjoying. Don’t forget to purchase your bricks so you can be a member of the brick club! Certificates are now being delivered by our very own Brick Club Posties.

Week 1- The Big Day Has Arrived


The 26th of May was the very first day of the build. The very first step was removing the porch at the front which will make room for the new extension that will start making it's appearance in the next couple of days.  Maggie and Sophie were enjoying the company of the builders and were watching their every move. 

Day 2 came with a problem. A power cable (laid in the 1940's therefore had no amour coating) was hit by a digger which led to parts of Sandbach plunging into darkness (sorry!).  With help from Scottish Power and another power outage later, the problem was solved.  However the new footings had to be re-done the next day, but it's now completed alongside the arrival of the concrete.  We can't wait to see what the next week has to bring. 

The Idea

Our wooden pens have become very tired and constantly in need of patching up.  They are difficult to clean and disinfect, which leaves us at risk.  If there was a case of ringworm, the pens would be out of order for weeks or months.  Plus we were aware of a new legislation which was coming into place regarding the size of pens in catteries and rescues.  When we started looking at quotations for new replacement pens we realised that the new pen sizes would leave us with no room to clean properly and would remove most of the indoor recreational area for the cats to play and interact with our volunteers. 

Therefore, we decided to extend the front of the building to allow the rescue shelter to have larger, purpose built and easy to clean pens; including a special family pen.  There will be room for a reception area for visitors and an enrichment area where the cats and kittens can play, have cuddles, socialise and build their confidence before they are re-homed. 

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