The Brick Club 


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What is the Brick Club we hear you asking?

Over the preceding months the rescue has been undergoing an upgrade .

The main aim is to make a fantastic new temporary home for our rescues while we treat and care for them until they are ready to go to their forever homes. 

The inside main area is now complete with six brand new pens, including one extra large family pen. This new area will allow the cats to socialize and interact and also help build confidence before they are re-homed.

Phase 2 is now commencing with an enclosed area outside. This will allow the cats more freedom and opportunity to experience the great outdoors and an interesting environment, enabling them to stay mentally healthy and happy.

Take a look at our new Brick Club Certificate

you can purchase and dedicate a brick or multiple bricks to anyone

even your cat!

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How can you help?

This is Dave

He was found with a traumatic injury and taken in by the rescue.

You can read more about Dave by clicking the button

Please be advised that the images are quite graphic





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We're selling the actual building bricks to help raise funds for our new extension and the internal refurbishment of the rescue.


You can purchase a brick for yourself, for your rescue cat, as a gift for your friends and family or just on the behalf of someone else for their birthday or a special occasion. Each brick is just £10 and you can buy as many as you like. Your brick will be a crucial part of the build. 


In return, you or someone else will receive a certificate by post. There is a limited number of bricks so once you've joined The Brick Club, you will be an exclusive member of the club. Once you're part of the club, we'll keep you updated with the build and the kitty's who are at our rescue. 

You're able to purchase a brick by PayPal or Debit Card

Reminder: If you are a UK tax payer we can claim gift aid on your donations. We can claim an extra 25p for every pound donated.

For every £10 brick sold we get £12.50! Which is equal to 45 pouches of food.