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Very friendly chatty explorer



Boa Vista… A paradisiac island known the world over for its white sandy beaches and volcanic landscapes. A haven for nesting sea turtles, migrating humpback whales …

… And trilling tuxedo cats?!…


That is right! Our lovely Vista here is an exotic lady with an international passport …Oh the tales she could tell if only she could speak..

Well, speaking is not really the issue here, actually… How could I put it? The girl has a lot to say!

Vista loves human company and will follow you around talking about her day, punctuating your conversation with the most adorable chirp that has the whole team of volunteers in stitches. (She also likes to have the last word, so that can go on for a while)

She is always on the go and loves exploring every nook and crannies of the rescue, inside and out. She enjoys running around with the other cats (until she doesn’t, but none of us are 100% sunshine all of the time, are we?), and is always game for a cat tower race or a feather teaser pin down. Read between the lines… Access to a garden is a must for our 100 mile an hour kitty!

There is however a soft side to our skinny minnie too. After a few weeks at the rescue rushing here there and everywhere, Vista has finally discovered the value of down time, and is rather keen to extend her knowledge of human knees (a few minutes at a time for now, because she is still a very young cat and currently has the attention span of a gnat)

vISTA 2_edited.jpg

Do you fancy opening your heart and home to your very own bird of paradise? Then give us a call on 07717 386 505 and meet our princess from a far away land You will fall head over heels for her too

Please note all adoptions are subject to home check & adoption fee

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