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What to do if your cat goes missing

It can be a very worrying time if your cat goes missing. But don’t panic, here are five things you can do to help you find your cat

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Please report your lost cat immediately to multiple animal welfare organisations including Sandbach Animal Rescue and animal reunification websites. Some people delay reporting a missing cat, but your feline friend might already be at a rehoming centre or even adopted within this timeframe. Remember that if your cat lacks a microchip, rehoming centres are not legally obligated to retain the cat for more than seven days before seeking a new home.


Reach out to your neighbours and kindly request them to inspect their sheds, gardens, garages, or greenhouses for any indications of your cat's presence, if it's safe to do so. Provide them with a detailed description of your cat along with a photograph if available.

Cat Portrait
Cats on the Street


Craft and display posters featuring essential contact information and a photograph of your cat. Engage in a door-to-door effort to inquire if anyone has spotted your missing cat.

Inform Sandbach Animal Rescue and we can post on Facebook on the Missing Pets Sandbach page.


  1. If there are no sightings of your cat, report it missing to

  2. If your cat is microchipped, inform the microchip company, this is usually Petlog. Ensure that you update any information that may have changed and tell them your cat is missing, please have your cat’s microchip number to hand before ringing.


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